Felix Lehrmann about the

importance of sound.

Sandhausen, Germany. Berlin based live and session drummer Felix Lehrmann stops by for a session at the alte Zigarrenfabrik Studios. He chats with us about the importance of sound, in the studio and live, and how he chooses instruments that complement his style of playing.

Late 2018, Felix visited the Paiste factory in Nottwil, Switzerland. He had the chance to see how his favorite cymbals are crafted by hand and gained a better understanding of what it takes to build a high quality cymbal.

In Action

Felix is one of the busiest drummers in Germany. If you can’t find him on stage, chances are he is in the studio recording drums.

However, not only is he a spot on musician touring with German acts like Sarah Conner and Dendemann, he actually is a really fun guy to hang out with. Check out his dates and project at

You want to groove like Felix? Then make sure to check out his course Making your Rhythms Groove or Paradiddle Dreams.

1/ Felix’ favorite cymbal series is the Paiste Masters. His all time favorite Ride is the 22″ Dark Energy.

2/ His preferred set is a DW Collectors Kit in the Purple Heart configuration.

3/ Vic Firth Sticks fall victim to Felix’ raw power.

4/ Standard Outfit: Jogging Pants and Sneakers & all sorts of funny shirts and caps.

For more detailed information stop by at Felix Equipment page.