Glasperlenspiel singer Carolin Niemczyk

Glasperlenspiel takes us behind

the scenes of their live production.

Planning a live show is a very complex matter. There are all sorts of different aspects to pay attention to: Technical things like sound, light, effects as well as setup and tour organization in general. Not to mention the psychological aspects of managing a team in stressful situations. Sometimes there is only a short time frame to setup the stage before a show starts. Thus, a well-coordinated team and structured processes are necessary.

We had the chance to accompany Glasperlenspiels crew in a venue called Kammgarn in Kaiserlautern in order to get an impression of the work that takes place before the show starts.

In Action

Good entertainment takes a lot of time and work. No matter who is your favorite artist or band, there are always people behind the scenes that are willing to go through stressful situations. The Glasperlenspiel production team definitely works like clockwork to make it happen. If you are interested in watching the band live, you’ll find the dates on their website.

When it comes to preparing a stage for the show, there are some essentials that are indispensible:

1/ The ultimate multitool: Tape

2/ Black shirts. It seems like an unwritten law that production crew members have to wear black shirts.

3/ There’s always a place for a soldering iron. Emergency cases may occur at the worst moments.

4/ As a general hint: Be prepared. Having spares for the most used items like cables, DI boxes etc.